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Welcome to the versatile world of Beaujoli! Feel free to contact Beaujoli if you need any music for movies, commercials, computer games, web sites, various performances or other purposes.


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The range of Beaujoli productions spans from Gregorian pastiches, over baroque and romantic, to modern music like jazz, pop and techno. Inspiration may also be drawn from the wide range of world music. Indeed we can freely choose a genre which will perfectly provide for your needs.

Beaujoli was established year 2000 by the composer Alain Johan Dufour whose music constitutes the core of the firm business. However even arrangement tasks may be performed if the orderer is in possession of the copyright or if the original work is out of copyright.

The common way to get the right to use music implies periodical payments for licensed music. A customer, who would prefer an alternative, may in some cases be given the possibility to pay a non-recurring amount. In such a case the customer will obtain the full economic copyright for the ordered music.

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