Alain Johan Dufour


Alain Johan Dufour was born 1969 in Paris, where he also grew up. During many years he attended the Decroly school. Being the son of a swedish mother and a french father, he had the opportunity to travel to Sweden with his family every summer and sometimes for Christmas too. In his teens he got more and more fond of Stockholm. Furthermore he got interested in nordic music and during his last years in France he was a regular listener of Radio Sweden International, which had some programmes in French at that time.

In the summer of 1987 Johan - who earlier used to be called by his french first name, Alain - choosed to move to Sweden. Here he has been influenced by the folk music and the folk dance traditions. He has profited of the abundant choir activity and developed himself thanks to the influence of composers like Ralph Lundsten, Jonny Goetzinger, Gabriella Gullin, Hans Lunell, William Brunson, Niklas Breman and Johan Hammert. Since 1998 he lives in Tyresö, near Stockholm. He established the company Beaujoli in the early 2000.

Besides music Johan is interested in other mathematical applications, for example programming. You can reach a programme of his, which helps to solve the Rubik's Cube, by choosing the link below. He is also intereseted in trackbound and other public transport and in society issues like environment and solidarity. Besides he appreciates good food. As a matter of fact he belongs to a highly exclusive Gastronomical Academy, which in its heyday numbered three members, namely besides himself, his grandfather and the cat at the home of his childhood! Oh yes, by the way... cats too are very close to his heart.

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Programme which solves the Rubik's Cube
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